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Wednesday, September 02, 2015


ADA Americans with Disabilities Act 25 1990-2015

ADA Celebration Luncheon

12:00 noon to 2:00 pm on Friday, July 24th

Endependence Center
6300 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk

Please RSVP by July 22nd to 461-8007

   This summer people with disabilities and other advocates will
   celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities
   Act. Before the passage of the ADA in 1990 discrimination against
   people with disabilities was a common occurrence. Physical
   access to many places was not available. Discriminatory practices
   and policies prevented people with disabilities from participating in
   activities that others took for granted. Interpreters, Braille, and
   other forms of effective communication were not readily available.
   Ramps are now used by everyone - people with skateboards or
   strollers – not just people with disabilities. Captioning of the spoken
   word helps everyone, not just people who are deaf. Modification of
   policies and procedures to ensure people receive appropriate
   accommodations has helped everyone to join together for work,
   socialization and other activities.
   We will celebrate together and recognize the many achievements
   advocates have made. While celebrating is good, we still have
   quite a way to go before full implementation of the ADA is achieved.
   Inaccessible business, missing curb cuts, lack of effective
   communication, discriminatory practices are still all too common.
   This important anniversary will be a celebration of how far we have
   come and encouragement to continue our progress.
   If you have taken advocacy action related to the Americans with
   Disabilities Act that resulted in changes to make things accessible
   or accommodating or that ended a discriminatory practice, we
   would love to highlight your story. Please contact Cheryl Ward at
   351-1585 or to share your story.
   Several people will be selected to tell us all about your experience
   during our ADA Celebration in July and during our annual meeting
   in November.
   Please plan to join us at the Endependence Center on Friday,
  July 24th at 12 noon for a celebration lunch.  More information will
  be in the July newsletter.

HRT Paratransit

  The Endependence Center is working together with others to gather
information about recent changes made by Hampton Roads Transit
(HRT) to paratransit services.  These services used to be referred
to as Handi-Ride and are now simply called paratransit.
We want to hear about your experience with the new HRT
paratransit system.  The flyer and Issues Form can be
downloaded and contains more information about this issue.
You can complete and mail or give to your ECI
Coordinator or you can click on the link below
to access our online Issues Form for paratransit.
Paratransit Information Sheet              Paratransit Issue Form

Click below for the

Online Paratransit Issue Form

Let your voice be heard!

"Opening Doors To Opportunities With The Disability Community"

What is Independent Living?

   What is Independent Living?  Essentially, it is living just like
   everyone else having opportunities to make decisions that
   affect one’s life, able to pursue activities of one’s own
   choosing—limited only in the same ways that one’s non-
   disabled neighbors are limited. 
   Independent Living should not be defined in terms of living on
   one’s own, being employed in a job fitting one’s capabilities
   and interests, or having an active social life.  These are
   aspects of living independently.  Independent Living has to do
   with self-determination.  It is having the right and the
   opportunity to pursue a course of action.  And, it is having the
   freedom to fail—and to learn from one’s failures, just as non-
   disabled people do.
    To access information on upcoming events, click here.
    To sign up or request accommodations, contact Rena Lewis at
     351-1578 Voice, 461-7527 TDD or email at
     Please Note:   If ECI does not have at least 5 people signed up for
     any of the workshops/groups with a deadline to sign up, we will
     cancel the workshop/group.  If we cancel a workshop/group, we
     will notify those that have signed up of the cancellation and will put
     the information on phone extension 400.

Items Of Interest

2014 Annual Meeting
held 11/21/14

Find out how
you can help the Endependence Center
For more information,

Justice Department
The Justice Department
announced a settlement
was reached in a
lawsuit over alleged
ADA violations
against students with
disabilities by Nobel
Learning Communities,
Inc. private schools.
To review the settlement,

ECI Media Center
The room can be
scheduled by
calling 461-8007.
For more information,

Virginia Easy Access
"No Wrong Door"
initiative launches
Easy Access".
For more information,

Money Follows
the Person (MFP)
Virginia launches website
describing community
living choice project for
seniors and individuals
with disabilities.
For more information,
click here

FREE Online
Course on the
American with
Disabilities Act
For more information,

FREE Online
Course on
Disability Rights
For more information,



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